State Water Board adopts climate change resolution

State Water Board adopts climate change resolution.
From the State Water Resources Control Board: Today the State Water Resources Control Board adopted a resolution requiring a proactive approach to climate change in all Board actions, including drinking water regulation, water quality protection, and financial assistance.
We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our infrastructure and our ecosystems,” said Spivy-Weber.
Since that time, the Brown administration developed the California Water Action Plan, a blueprint for achieving more sustainable water management by improving water supply reliability, restoring important wildlife and habitat, and making the state’s water systems and environment more resilient.
Since 2007, the State and Regional Water Boards have taken a variety of actions to respond to climate change impacts.
The resolution also requires State Water Board staff to use current models and data to inform Board actions.
To increase regulatory consistency, the resolution also requires staff to use climate change policy guidance from other agencies.
Additional Climate Change and Drought Resources For more information on the state’s effort to combat and adapt to climate change, visit the climate change portal here.
To follow the state and regional water board efforts on this, visit the climate change page here.
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