Storm Brings Damage, But Relief To Drought-Stricken Area

Gainesville Police Department closed off the street north of the intersection of 13 Street and 16 Avenue for safety as an uprooted tree fell into traffic, bringing a nearby light pole down with it.
@WUFTNews — Gabriella Nuñez (@gabnun13) April 4, 2017 A portion of the sidewalk remains closed until the uprooted tree is completely cleared, said a police service technician.
@WUFTNews — Gabriella Nuñez (@gabnun13) April 4, 2017 “I didn’t see it, I heard it,” the Santa Fe nursing student said.
The tree fell onto her car, crushing the vehicle and leaving her in shock, said Jones.
@WUFTNews — Gabriella Nuñez (@gabnun13) April 4, 2017 Other streets in Gainesville were blocked as well as the storm downed power lines.
Approximately 15,000 people were without power due to the storm, a majority of the power restored by 11:00 a.m., according to GRU spokeswoman Tiffany Small.
A neighborhood on 16th Avenue was also affected by the storm as fallen trees were hanging tangled among power lines leaving six houses without power.
@WUFTNews — Gabriella Nuñez (@gabnun13) April 4, 2017 Fallen trees and debris are tangled in the power lines keeping them just above the streets.
GRU officials had to cut off interfering branches and restore power lines.
Though the storm brought damages and inconvenience, the rain helped resolve a rainfall deficit — Florida was in the middle of a severe drought.

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