Supervisors to get drought update

Supervisors to get drought update.
Tulare County, and more specifically East Porterville, became ground zero for the drought the past three years.
More than 1,200 residences across the county reported wells going dry, with a good chunk of those in East Porterville where hundreds of families were left without water.
Last week, Gov.
Jerry Brown declared the drought over in the Golden State, with the exception of Tulare County and three other counties where efforts are still underway to help people impacted by the drought.
Tuesday’s presentation during the regular board meeting of the supervisors is intended to provide direction as to whether to continue the county’s drought-relief efforts or to begin demobilization of the County’s California Disaster Assistance Act-funding activities, including the mobile showers, tank sites and Household Tank Program.
– Will look to establish an ad-hoc committee to evaluate a redesign of the Capitol Display for Tulare County inside the state capitol.
The board will meet at 9 a.m. in board chambers at 2800 W. Burrel Ave. in Visalia.

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