Syria: Safe drinking water at last, after four years.

Syria: Safe drinking water at last, after four years..
If you lived in rural Homs, you wouldn’t need to imagine it.
“Our only choice is to buy from the trucks that carry water from unknown sources.” In March 2017, I was part of a Medair team from Damascus on a field visit to southern and western Homs.
We met with local water authorities in Homs to get an overview of the situation, and then visited three villages near Homs: Al-Aliyat, Al-Nezha, and Swairi.
In each of these villages we connected with people who shared their stories and concerns over their lack of access to safe drinking water.
“I do not know where the water we buy from the trucks comes from,” said a father from Swairi.
“I am worried about the health of my children, but we have to drink water to stay alive.” Sadly, the high cost of trucked-in water makes it unaffordable for many families.
Thanks to your monthly support, we have been able to rapidly provide safe drinking water to these three villages through two projects.
As we travelled back to Damascus after the March assessment, I reflected on the suffering that my family and I had endured recently—suffering felt by all the people of Damascus when the fighting affected our water supply.
Thank you, Medair!” Your monthly gift to Medair makes these kinds of critical projects possible.

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