Tallulah residents still facing water issues

TALLULAH, La, (KNOE) – Stocking up on water in Tallulah is becoming the norm for people here.
Water issues have left them with little or no water for nearly two weeks.
"It just come on and it drip," said Tallulah resident, Albert Shaw Jr. III.
"Every time it’s on, it’s brown," said Morgan’s co-manager Ashley Pinkly.
“The City of Tallulah continues to experience significant problems with water production for our community.
We are still experiencing low pressure to no water in some of our private residences and commercial businesses.
This is a very serious situation and we are asking for the prayers of everyone in the state of Louisiana.
We will get through this but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and patience.” Tallulah’s water issue has caused residents to double up one bottled water supply leaving stores like Morgan’s completely out of stock.
"What four cases of water gonna do for the family?
The mayor says he’s going to the state capitol to Monday to see about getting help for the city’s water.

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