TANZANIA: New Water Project Brings Clean Water to More Than 3,000 Poor and Homeless Youth

TANZANIA: New Water Project Brings Clean Water to More Than 3,000 Poor and Homeless Youth.
(MissionNewswire) Through donor support, Salesian Missions, the U.S. development arm of the international Salesians of Don Bosco, was able to assist Salesian missionaries at the Kinyerezi Children’s Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to provide youth access to clean water.
Nearly one-third of the country is arid to semi-arid and people not living near one of the three major lakes that border the country have difficulty accessing water.
According to UNICEF, more than 250,000 children are orphaned yearly by the disease.
Many children who have lost one or both of their parents turn to the streets for survival.
Salesian missionaries operate four Salesian centers in Dar es Salaam that provide education, workforce development programs, health services and assistance to street children.
Many of the center’s structures and programs are still in development, and this clean water project will ensure youth have access to clean water they need.
Once it was completed, youth in the program, as well as those living in the surrounding communities, were able to enjoy clean, fresh water.
This water project in Tanzania and others around the globe ensure communities have the water they need, and children can remain in school focused on their studies.” Almost one third of people in Tanzania live in poverty, according to UNICEF.
While the country has seen some economic growth in tourism, mining, trade and communication, the number of Tanzanians living below the poverty line has marginally increased due to rapid population growth.

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