TDot Performance Teams up with Charity Water

TDot Performance Teams up with Charity Water.
In an effort to bring clean drinking water to global communities, TDot Performance has teamed up with charity:water.
Toronto, Ontario – TDot Performance, one of Canada’s top auto-parts retailers, has decided to team up with charity: water in an effort to bring clean drinking water to global communities where it’s sorely lacking.
People who live in places like Sub-Saharan Africa desperately need funds to set up drilled wells, spring protections, and BioSand filters.
“Our goal is to raise $10,000 USD.
That would be enough to give hundreds of people access to clean water,” says Charith Perera, a co-founder and CEO of, “As Canadians, we are fortunate enough to have access to clean water.
When I thought about how others globally do not share this same blessing, I started to look for a way to raise money for this initiative and have lead the way,” says Perera, “And we’re very invested in reaching our goal.” As an added incentive for making a donation, TDot Performance is offering to match a donor’s donation amount in the form of a TDot Performance gift card ($10 for $10 donations, $15 for $15 donations, and $25 for $25 donations).
The donation will run through 9/30/2017.
Every dollar helps.” About TDot Performance TDot Performance is the largest source of car performance parts in Canada.
Because the company is based in Canada, customers are never charged with customs, duties or brokerage fees.

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