Temuka asbestos in water supply keeps plumbers busy

While the Timaru District Council has confirmed on Thursday the water is safe to drink, and is also safe for all other uses, local plumbers like Nigel Kerslake from Temuka Plumbing, said they were "flat out" with calls.
Most of the work they were doing was cleaning filters.
The actual amount of asbestos collected was tiny, but was enough to block people’s filters.
Oostendorp said he understood the results from the tests had come back "very very quickly", and the council had done a good job getting on top of the issue.
A spokesman for Health Minister David Clark confirmed the minister was aware of the issue, but said as it was an operational matter, comment needed to come from the DHB, district council, and Ministry of Health.
Water ‘no risk’ In a statement on Thursday morning, Mayor of Timaru Damon Odey said all professional advice the council has received said that the issue caused no harm to people drinking or washing with the water, but the council was continuing to work to clear the system.
"Asbestos cement pipes were often used in water distribution systems in the past, so it’s not uncommon for there to be some asbestos in tap water.
However, the presence of asbestos fibres in drinking water doesn’t pose a hazard for people drinking the water or using it for washing or showering.
On social media last night the council said it had advice from the Ministry of Health, and was following World Health Organisation advice, that water containing asbestos was not harmful for any usage.
Hawkey said he was not aware of water with asbestos in it drying on skin being a concern, if children had been playing in water.

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