The drought is just now beginning

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uDuring four years of drought 37.5 percent of all wells in the state dropped 10 to 49.9 feet with another 12 percent falling 50 feet or more.
uIn normal water years, 38 percent of the state’s water supplies come from groundwater.
During the drought we took 60 percent of our water from aquifers.
If the loss were a third of average for ever year that would translate to 20 million acre feet of water loss in reservoirs from 2013 to 2016. uWhile one heavy year of snow and rain as we are now experiencing can bounce surface water reservoirs and lakes all the way up to the brim, it takes years to decades for underground water to be replenished according to the Center for Watershed Sciences at the University of California, Davis.
Lathrop relies on ground water mixed with surface water year round with the added problem that dropping ground water increases salt water intrusion from aquifers beneath the Delta.
While local groundwater tables sustained more modest drops — typically under 10 feet — they are not going to bounce back in one year.
This is the reason the Groundwater Sustainability Act was passed in Sacramento that created a mandate to various groundwater basins throughout the state to strike a balance between what is taken out of aquifers and what flows in.
That means even if surface water is plentiful, groundwater won’t be.

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