The great bottled water rip off: Drinks sold as healthier alternatives are no better than TAP water but cost 2,000 times as much – so do YOU buy it?

Paying a hefty sum for a bottle of ‘healthy’ water has proven to be no better than regular old tap water.
While many people are willing to splash their cash on bottles of ‘luxury’ water that claims to boost mental and physical endurance, an Australian study has found it actually isn’t good for you.
Consumer advocacy group Choice found bottled water is no healthier, or safer, than taking a swig of tap water.
The investigation revealed people thought bottled water was more ‘pure’ despite costing almost 2000 times the price of tap water.
Tests found tap water contained more minerals and the same amount of oxygen than the expensive bottles.
The study also revealed tap water was tested regularly and met high standards, where bottled water only had to be tested yearly.
‘People like to believe bottled water is pure, straight from nature with no human intervention, but it has to be treated,’ Dr Peter Cox, principal advisor on public health at Sydney Water, said.
Australian Artesian Water claims to be packed ‘full of mineral salts’ which will replenish and cleanse.
However, Choice found Sydney tap water had more minerals than the bottled brand.
The investigation also found people were wasting their money on ‘oxygen infused’ water because tap water was just as highly oxygenated.

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