These Solar Panels Generate Drinking Water From the Air

These Solar Panels Generate Drinking Water From the Air.
A company called Zero Mass Water has created a special solar-like panel that creates clean, drinkable water from the air.
I’m on the rooftop of a building in Santa Monica on an overcast day, checking out solar panels from a company called Zero Mass Water.
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Friesen says he’s installed his special form of solar panels in seven countries.
The panels are self-contained – with everything they need to generate clean drinking water inside.
A panel produces about ten small water bottles daily and is expected to last for about ten years.
It’s fresh, crisp and doesn’t have the flat taste I had imagined.
Although their current price is prohibitively expensive for many homeowners, they practically pay for themselves in about 4 years if you’re currently buying bottled water.
It also just feels neat knowing that you’re going green and creating your own water supply, seemingly from thin air.

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