Thousands Still Waiting on Clean Water After Hurricane Harvey

The storm and the heavy rains that followed overflowed drainage districts, cut off water and prompted hundreds of boil-water notices across the Gulf Coast.
More than a dozen boil-water notices remain in effect across affected areas.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality reports more than 3,700 people in those areas haven’t had clean drinking water since late August.
In Rose City, the city’s boil notice hasn’t been lifted because the plan hasn’t met TCEQ standards for pH levels and other chemicals, said Janice Ratcliff, the city’s water operator.
Running water returned to the city’s 600 residents in September, but it still requires a two-minute rolling boil before safe consumption.
"It’s been so touch-and-go," Ratcliff said.
It just makes no sense to remove the notice just to have to go right back on it."
Ratcliff said the city’s original goal was to have the notice rescinded for good by Thanksgiving.
But issues with insurance have pushed back installing the necessary equipment.
Mayor Bonnie Stephenson said that faith-based organizations have been working to provide Rose City with enough bottled water.

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