Three technologies to address drinking water challenges

In connection with the World Water Day, GreentechLead identified a few companies that provide innovative solutions to address the water issues the society is facing.
SPOUTS of Water provides Ugandan communities with increased access to safe drinking water by manufacturing and distributing affordable ceramic water filters.
To address this problem, SPOUTS created the Purifaaya, the only locally manufactured water filter in Uganda.
The Purifaaya is affordable even to poorer communities at $22, providing a tested solution to people who need it most.
Since the first sale in 2015, SPOUTS has provided over 80,000 individuals in 200 different communities across Uganda with access to clean drinking water.
Dispensers for Safe Water places chlorine dispensers in the immediate vicinity of other water sources.
Because chlorine dispensers avert carbon emissions — people do not need energy to boil water to disinfect it — we are generating credits.
Jibu Jibu is rooted in the belief that the ultimate solution to the water challenge is eye-to-eye partnership with local owners.
Through a social franchise model, Jibu is launching drinking water businesses in urban and peri-urban areas where the local water sources are unsafe to drink.
Through efficient technology and distribution, Jibu franchises are making safe water accessible and affordable to entire communities.

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