Throgs Neck Houses tenant: Apartment lacks consistent working water

A man who lives in the Throgs Neck Houses says his apartment is lacking consistent working water and wants the problem fixed.
William White told News 12 he wakes up every morning not knowing whether or not he has working water, which has affected himself, his family and his dog.
The White family says they’ve been purchasing bottled water for the last year to do dishes, to drink, to clean, and give to their dog.
They also say although water was running when News 12 visited the apartment, there are some days where there is little to no water pressure or no working water.
The White family has reached out to management in the past but say they have never received a long-term solution.
They say they hope management fixes the issue soon, but worry about getting a short-term fix.
A spokesperson for NYCHA tells News 12 they will reach out to the White family tomorrow to assess the situation and see if any repairs need to be made.

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