TOM PALMER: Drought is hard on butterlfies

TOM PALMER: Drought is hard on butterlfies.
The current drought has affected much more than your lawn-watering day, providing you haven’t already moved on and converted turf to native landscaping.
One count was in the Green Swamp.
Except for one common roadside species called dainty sulfur, common butterfly species were hard to find.
We had a mild winter and there’s no shortage of wildflowers.
The experience was no different in other habitats where I find woodland or swamp species.
Participants in the Green Swamp count found Dukes’ skippers, which is a rare species being surveyed statewide.
It was the first time I’d seen one in flight in years.
The shortage in butterflies and other pollinators will eventually end as it has during previous weather-related setbacks.
The National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring a Bring Home The Bees campaign to certify your garden as pollinator-friendly wildlife habitat.

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