Tuesday’s rain showers ‘helped,’ but drought conditions remain

The Aberdeen area accumulated 2.98 inches in Tuesday’s storm which was added to make a total of 3.18 inches of rainfall since June 1, according to the National Weather Service in Aberdeen.
The rainfall will also make little difference for this week’s drought monitor.
"We may not see a whole lot of difference in the drought monitor," Vipond said.
While any amount rainfall is good more will be needed to help farmers and ranchers in the midst of the drought conditions.
According to Jim Kanable, of North Central Farmers Elevator in Ipswich, a dry planting season means the lack of soil moisture has made the crops in the area come up slow and spotty.
The same worry and waiting is being seen in the livestock industry throughout the drought area, which is currently estimated to impact 201,555 people, according the United States Drought Monitor.
The Pierre area has seen half the amount of rain it saw last year from March to May and only 1.78 inches in June, according to the National Weather Service.
Friday’s sale will bring yearling and feeder cattle to auction, the sale is projected to be twice the size of a normal year.
Saturday’s sale will auction pairs and bred cattle.
However, there are buyers from areas "where there is rain."

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