Turkey vows to help drought-hit Horn of Africa

Turkey vows to help drought-hit Horn of Africa.
Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmet Yıldız was briefed Monday on the drought situation in Horn of Africa region during his visit to the capital of Ethiopia Addis Ababa.
Yıldız, who is leading a delegation of Organization of Islamic Conference, said his meetings with Ethiopian officials were pivotal for coordinating assistance in the region.
Ethiopia has been hit by severe drought over the decades that has affected 7.8 million people; last week it appealed for international emergency food aid which it said would run out in July.
"We have got necessary information from our discussion and we are here to look into how to coordinate priorities of assistance and implementation," he added.
The Turkish deputy foreign minister also held talks with Ethiopian Foreign Minister Workineh Gebeyehu.
We have "excellent relations" with Turkey over various fields, Gebeyehu said.
Yıldız said Turkey’s ties with Africa were based on long-term and strategic partnership.
"We will help our African brothers in every possible way," he said.
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