Turner School’s drinking water shut off over contamination issues

BURNEYVILLE, Okla. (KXII) — One Oklahoma school has been without drinking water this week, due to possible contamination at their middle school.
"It’s kind of crazy that this would happen, I don’t know how it would happen," parent Ashley Welch said.
Welch lives across the street from Turner Schools, where her three children attend classes.
On Tuesday the Department of Environmental Quality discovered an incorrect bleaching agent was used in the water well.
As a result, Superintendent Burl Solie said the drinking water was immediately shut off, and cases of bottled water were provided for students and faculty.
"I am glad they are taking the steps they are taking, by providing water for them to drink," Tanya Manning, who’s great granddaughter also attends Turner Middle School, said.
"They’re doing what they can to make a difference."
She says mistakes happen, and she has faith in the administration.
"They’ll use something else in the future."
Solie said the problem has since been corrected with the proper bleach, and water should be drinkable again on Monday.

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