Two crises, two flawed responses

It’s year 3 and Flint residents are still using bottled water for their daily needs.
Recently, the governor decided that the state would no longer supply them bottled water.
Imagine the boost to the economy if water heater manufacturers got an order for 100,000 tanks.
Again, more jobs created.
The only boost to the economy was to makers of bottled water (I should have bought their stock) and plastic recycling centers.
How many bottles of water does it take to do a load of laundry?
Puerto Rico is an island that got flooded.
It’s an island, there were no roads to transport anything.
Too bad we don’t have Navy ships capable of carrying helicopters and pallets of food, water and basic medical supplies — Navy ships that could have been waiting in the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Considering we just had a hurricane slam into Texas, you’d think the response in Puerto Rico, an island, would not have been so asinine.

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