UPDATE: Statewide Mercury Control Program for Reservoirs

From the State Water Resources Control Board: Update on Statewide Mercury Control Program for Reservoirs Questionnaire to Reservoir Owners and Operators In preparation for upcoming stakeholder meetings to discuss options for reservoir pilot studies, the State Water Board will be administering a questionnaire to inquire about fisheries and water chemistry management practices and feedback on potential pilot test options.
Reservoir owners and operators whose reservoir(s) will be included under this program will receive a certified letter containing the questionnaire web link within 10 business days from now.
The reservoir owners and operators will have 45 days to complete the questionnaire.
Please note that the reservoir owner and operator may need to collaborate with one another to answer the questions thoroughly.
The list of reservoirs and their associated owners and operators receiving the questionnaire is attached to this e-mail.
Subsequent to receiving feedback from the reservoir owners and operators, staff will summarize the questionnaire data and make this available to the reservoir owners and operators.
Staff Report and Provisions Submitted to Scientific Peer Review The Statewide Mercury Control Program for Reservoirs is in the process of submitting a draft staff report and proposed regulatory language to external scientific peer review and expects the review to be completed by late summer 2017.
During the peer review process, the documents will be posted on our website, http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/mercury/reservoirs/ to facilitate discussions with stakeholders.
Please note that no public comments will be accepted on the documents submitted to peer review.
After the scientific peer review comments are received and addressed, the Water Boards will release a revised staff report and Provisions for formal public review.

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