Varkala municipality to ban bottled water in resorts

Thiruvananthapuram: Varkala municipality is mulling a ban on use of bottled water in tourist resorts in the area as part of its ongoing campaign to become the first zero waste municipality in the state.
"Very soon we will impose a complete ban on bottled water in the resorts.
This will be a crucial step in our mission to attain the status of first zero waste municipality in the state," said Bindu Haridas, chairperson, Varkala municipality.
Over the last few months, the municipality has been in the process of reducing use of plastic carry bags and other disposables as part of the campaign.
As the first step, the functioning of centralized waste treatment plant was reduced and aerobic bins were installed.
The municipality charges collection fees up to Rs 4,000 from each resort for processing the waste using aerobic bins.
Residents associations also joined the municipality and completely did away with use of disposables in their functions.
"We have also issued green certificates to such associations," says Bindu Haridas.
District collector K Vasuki has worked closely with the project, organizing awareness sessions and endorsing the need for minimal use of various materials.
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