VERIFY: Are reused water bottles loaded with bacteria?

Are plastic water bottles that we reuse over and over again also filled up with bacteria?
Why not fill them with water again?” she explained.
Because it’s microscopic, you can’t see them but the lab test reveals the truth.
A few weeks later, Verify collected the bottles from the lab and revealed the results to Bernie and her husband.
The test revealed 2,560 microdots of bacteria in Longo’s water bottle, well above acceptable levels.
“I was right,” Toronto Gilliam exclaimed during the big reveal.
The lab test found 4,680 microdots of bacteria, nine times the EPA’s acceptable amount.
“I’ll recycle the water bottles, no more reusing water bottles,” Bernie told her husband.
“So we ourselves are loaded with bacteria, but in most cases these are non-disease causing bacteria, non-pathegenic bacteria.” So even the nastiest water bottles from our test wouldn’t make the person sick.
So while we can Verify that reused bottles are riddled with bacteria, we can also Verify your chances of getting sick are extremely low if you’re the only one drinking from that bottle.

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