Volunteers hauling water to help wildlife survive drought

Bear, mountain lions, deer and elk are searching for water in residential areas, because there is none in the wild.
However, one group of volunteers is trying to help by delivering thousands of gallons of water to wildlife in need.
Filling and maintaining these water catchments are volunteers from the Arizona Elk Society.
Every day, they have been hauling water down these Forest Service roads to hundreds of catchments, one of which is located near Flagstaff.
"The U.S. Forest Service has about 1,500 little drinkers, little water catchments," said Clark.
"Elk drink about six to eight gallons a day," said Clark.
"This particular year is one of the worst," said Michael Anderson, team leader for Wildlife for Water.
Your elks are drinking all our water,’" said Clark.
"So we help the ranchers because they are our partners in wildlife conservation."
All of the money they use to deliver water and maintain catchments comes from donations or grants from the Forest Service and Arizona Game and Fish.

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