Water expected to be restored in Marlin on Wednesday night

The water is expected to be restored to all Marlin customers on Wednesday night after it was shut off for several hours.
On Wednesday afternoon, the Public Works Department finished repairing a water main break on Park Street.
It’s a cast iron pipe.
The Falls County Courthouse, which had no running water, remained open on Wednesday but crews put portable toilets outside for those needing to use the bathroom.
Marlin resident Mitchell Waites said he tends to use the water only for bathing purposes, but on Wednesday he wasn’t able to do that.
Waites drinks bottled water because he doesn’t trust the quality of city water.
Jimmie House who always buys bottled water for drinking purposes said he has had concerns about the city water for years.
So where is the money going?"
Keefer said the increase in taxes and water bills will help pay for a $14 million project to replace water lines and fix the city’s drainage system.
The city hopes to have water pressure back to normal on Wednesday night and the boil water issue to be rescinded on Friday.

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