Water main break causes Sun City to go dry

By Stephanie Clark, originally posted on October 18, 2016


At around 2:30 p.m. on Monday Oct. 17 the Virgin Valley Water District (VVWD) began receiving a flood of phone calls from residents in Sun City who suddenly went without water.

According to VVWD Manager Kevin Brown, a vital 16” plastic water pipe that feeds water into Sun City broke due to a variety of factors including older pipe probably installed in 2005 or 2006 and left in the sun too long before installation.

Brown said the pipe brand was known to be faulty and it was installed on top of a rock without enough sand base to protect it. Installers may have over-inserted it into a connecting pipe causing additional problems.

“This was the second, and hopefully last, major pipe break in two years for Sun City,” said Brown.

Partial water pressure was restored to residents in Sun City within an hour of losing the water and full repairs were completed around 9 p.m. Monday night.

“The VVWD staff did another great job of quickly restoring water to residents,” Brown said of their response time.

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