Water restored to Dick Conner inmates

by Katie Higgins, originally posted on July 2, 2016


People in the town of Hominy were asked to conserve water as the correctional facility went without.

The Connors Prison Facility did not have running water since Saturday. It was restored a week later.

Wednesday, Osage County Emergency Management and the Department of Corrections began working to get it fixed.

Most of the facility is not air-conditioned.

The Department of Corrections reached out to the National Guard for help Tuesday.

The National Guard arrived Wednesday with bottled water and trucks filled with thousands of gallons of water.

Officials said the issue began as a Department of Corrections water line issue.

They said they fixed it on their end, and now an issue on the city of Hominy’s side is preventing the water from being pumped into their tank.

Emergency management officials said it will be at least Tuesday before water is restored.

More than 1,300 inmates use 30,000 gallons of water there.

Officials said when water is restored, the city of Hominy will be filled first, then the prison water tank will be filled.

A release said water was restored a Saturday, June 25, and facilities are returning to normal.

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