Water running out in Balochistan as drought, drop in sea level worsen crisis

Experts have warned that if dams are not built and ground water recharged, the province will turn into a desert.
A half century ago, water could be seen flowing in the streams and coasts of the province.
However, the situation is very different now.
The government installed a large number of tube wells but did not build any dams nor take action against illegal drilling.
In addition to this, drought and an increase in population have exacerbated the problem of water scarcity.
Drought coupled with a drop of 2,000 feet in sea level has destroyed agricultural lands across the province.
Meanwhile, residents of Quetta and Gwadar do not even have water to drink.
Experts have issued warning bells that due to a drop in seawater level, the land on which Quetta lies is sinking in by 10 centimetres.
According to the Quetta Water and Sanitation Authority (QWASA), the city has a daily demand of 50 million gallons of water.
Stating that work on the dam will be completed in two years, the official added, “Mangi Dam will provide Quetta with 80 million gallons of water daily and should help solve the water crisis in the area for a short period of time.” Further, experts claim that there’s not enough water in the province for the next generations.

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