Water stories: 1,001 voices from around the world

Illah says one day, when he was 6 or 7 years old — his brother was a toddler — his parents were away, and the boys were alone with the boiling water.
Illah’s brother died that day.
“Most of time [when] I just drinking water, I remember how I lost my brother,” he said.
He thinks about how if the family had only had clean drinking water, his brother would still be alive.
Legend at the Great Wall As I’ve traveled the world with my bike, people have been generous with all kinds of stories — some are sad, others are more lighthearted.
The hills were jagged and green.
She said, the story begins 600 years ago, when soldiers were building this stretch of the Great Wall.
But the generals at the wall didn’t recognized Bodhisattva Guanyin.
“They passed it on to the soldiers and the soldiers said, ‘Oh, you know, you need it more than us,’” Darrington said.
“And then there was plenty of water for everyone.” More stories to come In the last five years, I’ve spoke with 850 storytellers across five continents.

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