Water woes continue in North Kent

All the baseline testing done by Paul and Jessica Brooks on their well on Brook Line north of Chatham has allowed them to prove their well was fine before pile driving began north of their home for North Kent Wind Farm project.
After contacting the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), the wind farm company owned partially by Pattern Development was notified of the problem.
Test results from the MOECC received at 3:56 p.m. showed extremely elevated turbidity levels at 86.8 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units).
Private testing recommended by Water Wells First conducted at the Brooks’ home – a triplicate test for turbidity taken by a hydrogeologist following legal chain of custody requirements – revealed consistent turbidity values of 2.53 NTU, 3.02 NTU, 2.96 NTU.
“The comparison between these tests indicates that the Brooks’ family well water suddenly increased 30 times in turbidity,” Jakubec said, which refutes the statement made by the Pattern employee.
Pattern Development has provided the Brooks with a water tank for their household needs immediately as is required by Section G of the REA permit.
Jakubec said Chatham-Kent Coun.
Pictures of water taken from the Brooks water filters shows the water to be extremely murky and contradict the Pattern Development employee statement that the water is ” visibly clear.” “The company is obligated by REA permit conditions to immediately provide a water tank at no cost to the family and provide a sequence of remedial measures to restore reliable groundwater access at no cost to the family,” Jakubec said.
“If the company cannot restore reliable groundwater access, the company will have to supply the family with a water line at the company’s expense.” Jakubec said he was told by Murray that a further meeting with the Brooks family was planned for this week.
At press time, four families in North Kent had reported sediment was clogging up the filters on their wells, resulting in no water.

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