Water woes persist in Copperhill, Tenn., McCaysville, Ga.

Allow the water to boil up to three minutes before turning off the heat source.
Allow the water to cool before putting it in a storage container.
The water system just over the state line in McCaysville, the supplier of Copperhill’s water, underwent work on its filtration system in late December, impacting service to all water utility customers who get their water from the McCaysville Water Utility.
A notice was posted on Fannin County, Ga.’s Emergency Management Agency website Friday telling McCaysville Water System customers to boil their water before using it.
"Due to loss of pressure in the water system and low tank levels, [customers] of the McCaysville Water System are under a boil advisory until further notice.
The advisory is in effect "until further notice," but McCaysville Mayor Thomas Seabolt said the work on the filtration system "is in the final stages," and the boil notice could be lifted by Wednesday if samples test as good and work on some leaks goes as planned.
Hopefully if they pass, which they should, we’ll be off of this boil notice by Wednesday," Seabolt said on Monday.
"They’ve been working 10 to 12 hours a day, six days a week," Seabolt said of repair crews.
The two towns are no strangers to water supply problems.
Copperhill, population about 350, and McCaysville, population a little more than 1,000, lie within the Ocoee River watershed on the mountainous eastern fringes of Tennessee’s Cherokee National Forest and Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest.

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