Waterwise: Drought-relief well in Porterville nearly done

Denise England, the county’s water resources program director, said the project is 99 percent complete.
On Tuesday, County Supervisors approved an amendment to the original agreement, an initial administrative step in the process to wrap up the project.
The amendment was to a $1.2 million grant from the Department of Water Resources.
The well is designed to produce water for 500 new connections in the East Porterville area.
The administrative paperwork is needed because of the three sources for the project.
The water well project was approved when East Porterville became the prime example of the drought effects in California.
England said the project came to fruition within two years of initial approval.
It did take a while, but it was faster than I would have imagined.” The $2.2 million spent for the well is typical cost for municipal well, England said.
In the same report, the OES also said there’s an increase in the number of resolved failures.
The current number of reported domestic well failures is 1,608.

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