We Have Seen The Future Of Water, And It Is Cape Town

Cape Town is parched.
Severe drought and high water use have collided in South Africa’s second largest city, and unless the drought breaks, residents may run out of water in the next few months when there simply isn’t enough water left to supply the drinking water taps.
They released plans to open 200 community water points to provide emergency water in the event of a shutoff – for four million people.
As the crisis worsens, water scarcity will sharpen South Africa’s economic inequalities, inflaming tensions between wealthier and disadvantaged communities.
Cape Town is not alone.
Severe droughts and floods.
Any city, in building a water system, tries to prepare for extreme weather, including floods and droughts.
Its water managers, and South Africa’s overall water expertise, are among the best in the world.
Many regions of the world, as in Cape Town, have reached “peak water” limits and find their traditional sources tapped out.
There is evidence that the current drought in Cape Town shows the influence of climate change.

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