Weather Talk: Some things do well in drought

Weather Talk: Some things do well in drought.
Along the Red River, between the Fargo water plant and Lindenwood Park, there is a stand of willow shrubbery that has been there as long as I can remember.
During most of the past 25 years, these willows have grown to 3-5 feet high when not being completely flooded as they grow right on the riverbank.
Last year and this year, the absence of summer flooding has apparently provided an opportunity for these shrubs to get very healthy because they have grown to well over 12 feet high.
They managed to survive repeated floods but are now flourishing in this summer’s drought.
It just goes to show that drought is just a normal part of weather and some things do well in drought.
In fact, many ecosystems need periodic drought to remain healthy.
Even wetlands need an occasional drought to freshen up a bit.
Agriculture is not served by drought in any way.
Our suburban lawns are not served by drought.

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