Webb & Gerritsen to Distribute Langlade Springs Bottled Water

POLAR, WISCONSIN (PRWEB) JUNE 19, 2017 — Langlade Springs LLC, http://www.langladesprings.com, has entered into a bottled water distribution agreement with Webb & Gerritsen, a Wisconsin-based food and beverage service distributor.
Centrally located in Northern Wisconsin, Langlade Springs manufactures and bottles specialty water and beverages right at the single source.
Ice Age glaciers created the aquifer that produces this water.
Springs are monitored constantly to ensure initial water purity remains unchanged.
Inside the plant, water is UV (ultraviolet) treated and micron filtered to ensure the highest quality level.
This Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water offers a 7.8+ pH (potential of hydrogen) factor that absorbs more quickly to aid hydration.
100% Natural Electrolyte Water helps regulate acidity and fluid levels.
There are no artificial ingredients and zero calories for a refreshing taste that quenches thirst.
Bottles are 100% recyclable PET and BPA free with a heavier weight for added firmness.
Complete private label and co-packing services include specialty water and custom mix beverages using cold-fill processing, labeling, palletizing and shipping from one location.

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