Weekend storm ‘big hit’ on drought

Weekend storm ‘big hit’ on drought.
The amount of snow was a lot less than predicted, but the high amount of moisture from snow, rain and sleet will go a long way to help drag the region out of a months-long drought, a meteorologist said on Saturday.
“This will give it a big hit.” Throughout the week, meteorologists predicted up to eight inches of heavy snow for MetroWest.
Instead, according to the National Weather Service, the high snow amount was 2.5 inches in Sudbury.
“Most of the places are reporting between one and two inches, even three inches, of moisture,” he said.
That number does not include the moisture on Saturday, he said.
With Saturday’s weather, along with rain predicted Monday night into Tuesday and possibly Thursday, the drought could be almost gone, and there could actually be some minor flooding, Dellicarpini said.
“We’ll be getting back up to around average,” he said.
“We need to see the effects on stream flow and groundwater.
We need to keep this up for a little bit.

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