Weekly weather: drought conditions to persist

Countrywide, the week ahead is forecast to be warm, dry and sunny, with a drought warning in place until Friday, 6 July.
It will become very warm as temperatures reach 20°C to 27°C, again slightly cooler near coasts due to onshore sea breezes.
High pressure and settled conditions will persist throughout the coming week, with warm, dry and sunny conditions countrywide.
Farming forecast It has been completely dry in Ireland this past week except for the far southeast of the country where a trace of rain was recorded, amounting to just 0.1mm.
There will be almost no rainfall this week either except for the odd shower or spot of misty drizzle from very weak weather fronts.
They’ve warned that well-trodden paths could be slippy for people and animals.
Heatwave advice Human health and animal health: precautions and regular checking of animals is advised with the increased temperatures over the coming week.
Animal transportation: there are a number of factors that should be kept in mind when transporting livestock.
Silage and topping: an increasing soil moisture deficit is starting to hit growth and yield in second-cut crops.
Water advice: water intake will be much higher next week, so it is important to ensure that facilities can deal with increased demand.

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