What can I, as a young graduate, do about water scarcity?

What can I, as a young graduate, do about water scarcity?.
C writes: Hey David, I really enjoyed your AMA on water shortages in California and the problems with our water management system in the US.
I am recently out of college, studied mechanical engineering, and am finding the water scarcity issue (in the western US & the rest of the world) a scary, but inspiring issue to get involved in.
I am currently in the middle of reading Cadillac Desert, which led me to searching reddit and finding your AMA.
My question is: From your expertise, how can I as someone motivated and new in the work force get involved in and help make a difference in these issues?
I am not fixed on staying with careers directly linked to my college major.
Dear C, You’ve made the first step, admitting that WE have a problem 🙂 As for the next steps, I think there are two ways to go.
The first way is to "address the symptoms," i.e., using your skills [engineering for you; other things for others] to help increase supplies or reduce demand for water — and thus try to reduce scarcity.
The good news is that water scarcity is a local issue that’s solvable by local, concerned citizens.
Bottom Line: Everyone can reduce water scarcity (and the risks it brings) by doing their part.

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