When will needed rain arrive to drought-plagued areas of the central US?

Building drought conditions will elevate the brush fire threat across the central and southern Plains through the weekend, but a pattern change may bring beneficial rain to parts of the region next week.
Sparse rainfall since September has led to a significant rise in moderate to severe drought across the South Central states.
The dry conditions have since spread to the north and east into the lower and middle Mississippi Valley.
No significant rainfall is projected across the nation’s midsection through the weekend.
Vegetation will continue to dry out and become fuel for brush fires should a spark ignite.
Winds will increase late this weekend into early next week, further enhancing the risk of wildfire spread.
Avoid throwing lit cigarettes on the ground, outdoor burning and parking a car over dry brush as the hot exhaust can be enough to trigger a spark.
“At the leading edge of the cold shot spreading south and east next week, there might be an opportunity for some good soaking rain in areas from the central Plains through the Midwest next Monday and Tuesday,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Jack Boston said.
Dallas may receive its first measurable rainfall since Nov. 8 from Monday to Tuesday.
Little Rock, Arkansas, has remained dry since Nov. 18, but will likely receive a thorough soaking during this time frame.

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