Who’s the real April Fool?

Who’s the real April Fool?.
Since joining the programme, participating factories have seen a return on investment of more than 240 percent over three years.
Let’s, as they say, unpack this.
They "saved" water by not using it as if they had some right to use it.
This is not just false but stupid, as these companies sell products to consumers who probably have plenty of clothes.
The disappearance of those companies (and a permanent reduction in consumption) would not go noticed.
Let’s call it 1 billion liters per year and convert that amount into per year per person instead of per day (using their 50 liters/capita/day).
Now we have "enough water" for 54,975 people for a year.
Water services take money and good management.
Their 240 percent return on investment shows that this project is not about helping people get access to drinking water but saving money.

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