Why access to improved sanitation is so important for Afghanistan?

There is also no proper management of solid waste although its production in rural areas is less.
There is modern toilet facilities used but the waste water generated needs to be managed effectively.
The open defecation is less in cities.
Solid waste dumped around in the open environment which needs proper management.
There is no effective solid waste management, treatment and safe disposal system in Afghanistan.
Solid waste is generated and collected from different areas, sources and is of different types.
Afghanistan has not that much good sanitation and hygiene conditions.
According to a UNICEF/WHO joint monitoring program (JMP) for water supply, sanitation and hygiene report a survey conducted on sanitation in year 2015 indicates that still Afghanistan lacks much behind the other countries in sanitation sector.
Consequences of poor sanitation: If sanitation is not taken care of such as proper toilet facilities, safe habits of human excreta disposal, proper sewerage techniques, proper solid waste management, waste is disposed of in the streets creating a foul smell and terrible living conditions for inhabitants.
Most people have limited knowledge and understanding of the good hygienic practices which could reduce the health risks from poor sanitation, hygiene and waste management.

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