With Drought Over, East Bay MUD Prepares To Raise Rates

LAFAYETTE (CBS SF) — Some East Bay MUD customers are upset over the news that their water rates will likely be going up despite conservation efforts during the California drought.
Like many in the state, East Bay residents did their best to cut down on water use over the past few years.
The cost of running that system has gone up by over $100 million in the past 10 years.
When asked the 300 new workers the utility district has hired in the past two years, Coate replied.
“We need to continue to maintain this system to ensure that it provides water that is safe.” EBMUD also has to pay the bill from buying water from other districts to help out in the drought.
“That water when you are buying water in a drought is much more expensive,” explained Coate.
“Whether you consume 10 gallons or 30 or 150, it still cost the same amount to put that water though the pipes,” said East Bay MUD Director Marguerite Young.
Director John Coleman plans to vote “no” on the rate hike.
Young disagreed.
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