With Water Fantasy Ad, Nestle Begins New Pure Life Push

With Water Fantasy Ad, Nestle Begins New Pure Life Push.
While bottled water sales are surging, shoppers don’t make much of a distinction of one brand over another, especially for mass-produced mainstream brands devoid of bubbles or flavors.
Nestle Pure Life has done quite well in this environment; it grew volume 1% last year to keep its spot as the top-selling U.S. plain bottled water brand, according to Beverage Digest.
But with Coke’s Dasani and PepsiCo’s Aquafina lurking, Nestle is not resting easy.
Pure Life starting this week is launching a big new global campaign aimed at making its bottles less of a commodity by giving consumers more reasons to buy the brand than just the water inside.
"Today when consumers are buying Nestle Pure Life, and for that matter a lot of the other brands, it’s quite frankly a transaction.
You walk into the grocery store [and] you’ve got a universe of brands in your mind that you feel are all relatively all of equal quality," said Andrius Dapkus, VP-general manager of Pure Life at Nestle Waters North America.
"You see it on display, you put it in your cart and you move on and you’re gone."
The goal of the rebranding is "to make the choice of Nestle Pure Life a conscious choice for our consumers, a purposeful choice.
And we are going to do that by connecting the actions that we take as a brand to that choice," he said.

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