YCDC sees safe, potable water for all in Yangon City by 2021

He said the department will establish chlorination systems in other water supply sources in the city so chlorinated water that meets World Health Organisation guidelines can be distributed.
“Chlorine facilities will be set up in the Nyaung Hnapin Water Treatment Plant, in Hlawga Lake, Lagunbyin Water Treatment Plant, and the Yegu Pumping Station to distribute chlorinated water for the whole city,” U Zaw Win Aung said.
YCDC has called for continued efforts to raise public awareness to avoid activities that can pollute water sources, stressing that access to clean water is essential for the wellbeing of the city’s residents.
Another urgent problem facing the YCDC water system is the vulnerability of its pipes to contamination.
“Now we have 24-hour water access from YCDC water supply pipes.
But I don’t know if it is chlorinated or not.
Currently YCDC is collaborating with international organisations to reduce non-revenue water.
“The efforts to reduce non-revenue water in Yangon, including fixing leaking pipes, will not only prevent water loss but will also improve the quality of tap water,” U Zaw Win Aung said.
He said that at present the total water needs of Yangon is about 709 million litres per day and only around two million people get city water because of non-revenue water.
He said the YCDC has to develop more water supply projects to meet water demand and improve the distribution, pressure, and quality of pipe water.

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